IESE summer project Electronics

  • Ort: Hamburg, Norderstedt - tesa Headquarter
  • Einstieg als: Praktikanten
  • Tätigkeitsbereich: Technik
  • Referenznummer: 2024-0057
  • Abteilung: Electronics
  • Maximal erreichbare Entgeltgruppe: 
  • Vertrag: befristet auf bis zu 6 Monate


Das sind Ihre Aufgaben

As part of the strategy development process of Business Unit Electronics, you will get a draft of our 2030 strategy, which has been prepared by cross functional teams from different angles, e.g market segment, customer, product, innovation and business model. Your tasks is to provide a facelift of our strategy paper. 

  • Harmonize perspectives from cross-functional teams, ensuring a unified narrative in the strategy paper.
  • Validate data and evidence presented, verifying accuracy and relevance to support strategic assertions.
  • Identify gaps or inconsistencies within the document and provide solutions for seamless integration.
  • Strengthen the existing paper by crafting clear and impactful statements that convey a unified vision
  • Analyze the interplay between different angles and refine connections to enhance strategic coherence.
  • Develop a compelling storyline that emphasizes the synergy between various elements of the strategy.
  • Ensure that each section of the paper reinforces the overarching strategic goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate the language and tone to ensure consistency with the intended audience.
  • Collaborate with team members to create a comprehensive and well-rounded strategic document.

Das ist Ihr Profil

  • Practical working experience for B2B market in international environment
  • Strategic thinking: knowledge and practical experience in strategy development, change management, growth strategy implementation, strategic planning, business model development, innovation strategy.
  • Analytical Skills: Proficient in data analysis, able to evaluate market trends, financial performance, and other relevant data
  • Critical Thinking and attention to details
  • NDA needs to be signed 
  • Excellent command in spoken and written English