Consultant Learning and Organizational Development (m/f/x)

  • Location: ​Hamburg, Norderstedt - tesa Headquarter
  • Entry as: Permanent
  • Work Area: Human Resources


What you will do

  1. Training Needs Assessment: Conduct thorough assessments to identify skill gaps, training requirements, and transformational needs across different levels and departments within the organization.
  2. Learning Program Development: Design and develop comprehensive training programs, both instructor-led and digital, that address identified needs and align with the organization's goals. Integrate transformational elements into learning initiatives to support organizational change.
  3. Learning Management System (LMS): Oversee the management and administration of the company's learning management system, including course creation, tracking, reporting, and evaluation of learning activities related to both development and transformation initiatives.
  4. Content Development: Create engaging and interactive learning materials, including e-learning modules, integrating transformational concepts and strategies into the content to support change efforts.
  5. Evaluation and Measurement: Develop and implement assessment strategies to measure the effectiveness of learning programs and their impact on employee performance, engagement, and the progress of organizational transformation efforts.
  6. Continuous Improvement: Stay informed about industry trends and best practices in learning and development, as well as organizational transformation, to ensure that programs remain up-to-date, relevant, and effective.
  7. Learning Culture Promotion: Foster a culture of continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and professional development throughout the organization by promoting and encouraging participation in learning initiatives that support transformational goals.
  8. Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborate with HR business partners, managers, and other stakeholders to understand their learning and development needs, as well as transformational objectives, and provide consultation on appropriate learning solutions that support organizational change.

What you will need

  • Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Organizational Development, Training, or a related field. Master's degree is a plus.
  • Proven experience in learning and development, instructional design, or related roles, with a focus on supporting organizational transformation efforts.
  • Strong knowledge of learning theories, instructional design methodologies, adult learning principles, and change management concepts.
  • Experience in conducting training needs assessments and designing and delivering effective learning solutions that integrate transformational components.
  • Familiarity with learning management systems (LMS) and e-learning authoring tools.
  • Excellent facilitation and presentation skills, with the ability to engage and inspire learners during transformative journeys.
  • Strong project management and organizational skills, with the ability to manage multiple priorities and meet deadlines within the context of transformational initiatives.
  • Analytical mindset, with the ability to collect and interpret data to evaluate training effectiveness and monitor progress towards transformational goals.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate and build relationships with stakeholders at all levels, and to effectively communicate the purpose and benefits of transformation.
  • Creative problem-solving skills and the ability to think

What you can expect

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