Senior Scientist - Functions Beyond Adhesion (m/f/x)

  • Location: ​Hamburg, Norderstedt - tesa Headquarter
  • Entry as: Permanent
  • Work Area: Research and Development


What you will do

As a Senior Scientist specializing in Functions beyond Adhesion, you will spearhead the synthesis and characterization of cutting-edge functional polymers. Your role extends to developing polymers with unique functions like self-healing, adaptivity, debonding on demand, and stimuli-sensitive behaviour. Functional materials of interest include dynamic networks, shape-memory polymers, and nanocomposites. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design and synthesize functional polymers with unique properties. 

  • Characterize the synthesized polymers, ensuring their functionality and viability for various sustainable adhesive technologies and products. 

  • Utilize extensive experience in literature search and patents, preferably as an inventor, to contribute to the IP portfolio and strategy. 

  • Lead an interdisciplinary team of scientists, fostering a collaborative environment and driving innovation. 

  • Collaborate with external R&D partners, leveraging open innovation opportunities. 

  • Serve as the responsible figure for advancing technology in the field, contributing to sustainable product development. 

  • Share knowledge within the company, ensuring the dissemination of advancements and fostering growth. 

What you will need

The role requires a strong commitment to technology and product development, the ability to lead interdisciplinary teams, high expertise in knowledge and patents within a technology field, and a dedication to collaboration with external R&D partners to drive innovation.

  • PhD in Polymer Chemistry or Polymer Engineering (habilitation optional). 

  • 10+ years of business experience, with at least 5 years in industrial research or product development. 

  • Leadership experience as a group leader. 

  • Proficiency in English. 

  • Strong software skills, including Microsoft Office. 

What you can expect

tesa is one of the world's leading manufacturers of adhesive tape solutions, with a range of more than 7,000 products.  With passion for technology, we drive innovation, reliability, and sustainability to shape a better future.

Our solutions make a difference in the work, products, and lives of our customers across a variety of industries, including Automotive, Electronics, and Home applications. With this, we address a broad segment of business customers, but also you as a private consumer.

You might be surprised to discover the many places where our adhesive solutions are at work, from the battery in your electric car, to the display of your mobile phone, and even in the elevator in your building. Wherever you look, you'll find tesa - holding the world together since more than 125 years.